What is a Certified Home Marketing Specialist?

This program enhances our agent’s ability to help clients by providing in depth market analysis, effective pricing strategies, and home staging so that their property will sell quickly and for the best price obtainable. Thoroughly understanding the marketplace to effectively price a property is key to the delicate balance of real estate sales. Additionally, Staging the property helps buyers see the true potential of a house and provides a glimpse of what it would be like to live there, an essential element in the purchasing decision.

Certified Home Marketing Specialist

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Inside Your House
  • Remove pieces of furniture that block or hamper paths and walkways.
  • Remove extra leaves from your dining room table to make the room appear larger.
  • Pack everything you don't use. About 50% of everything can be packed - 50% of linens, clothes, toys, extra kitchen stuff, knickknacks.
  • Store your things in a garage or rent a storage unit.
  • Linger in the doorway of every single room and imagine how your house will look to a buyer.
  • Turn on lights and lamps for showings.
  • Use air fresheners to remove evidence of pets or smoking.
  • Play classical music for showings at a low setting.
  • Professionally clean the carpets and windows.
Inside Your Kitchen
  • Clear all unnecessary objects from the kitchen countertops.
  • Clear the front of the refridgerator.
  • Neatly stack dishes in cabinets and remove any you don't use.
  • Apply orange oil to cabinets that appear dry.
  • Put out a large bowl of fruit to add color.
  • Set the dining room table with placemats, cloth napkins, china and crystal.
  • Make sure crumbs are cleaned from countertops.
  • Hide the garbage can under a counter.
Inside Your Bathroom
  • Hang up fresh towels or make sure towels are hung properly.
  • Keep an air freshener in the bathroom.
  • Put all toilet seats down.
  • Put away all toiletries, hair dryers, etc.
Inside Your Bedroom
  • Organize your clothes and remove any you don't use.
  • Make the beds each day.
  • Keep closet doors closed.
Outside Your House
  • Remove all clutter, garbage and unused/unattractive items.
  • Keep gutters cleared.
  • Prune all bushes and trees.
  • Weed and mulch all planting areas, refresh mulch if necessary.
  • Make sure the house numbers are easy to read.
  • Organize the garage, install shelving or storage units.
  • Purchase a new door mat for the front door.
  • In the pool area, remove shoes, towels, swimsuits, ashtrays and cleaning equipment.
Suggested Repairs
  • Strip old or dated wallpaper and re-paint walls.
  • Using a primer first, paint over dark walls with a neutral color.
  • Replace cracked floor or counter tiles.
  • Patch holes in walls and repaint the wall.
  • Fix leaky faucets.
  • Fix doors that don't close properly and kitchens drawers that jam.
  • Paint the garage floor with special paint for concrete floors.

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